Welcome Church Musicians!

This site was created for you, the church musician. Some churches are steeped in the traditional Liturgical year while others utilize praise music appropriate for all seasons within their services. In either case (every case) there are particular challenges that music directors encounter. In meeting these challenges you are adding to your experience. What if you could share your experience with others? You can. You are able to write your solutions and publish it here.

In my case, it was a simple intro to the Doxology. Five simple measures that many other organists could have created. But remember, many other organists in many small churches don’t have the confidence to go ‘off script’ and one Sunday, a visitor asked me ‘where I got that’. I wrote it down and gave it to her. Check out the Two Intros to the Doxology in the Organ Music section. Simple. Anyone could have created something like that-and probably more effective. Do you have a neat way to introduce a particular hymn?

Write it down.

I know a lot of you improvise easy interludes on the spot. Some arrange pieces just looking at hymns.. on the spot.

Write it down, folks. These techniques are taught in music courses but many times we forget that most of the church musicians out there don’t have music degrees. Soo…

Write it down

We hope you will take advantage of the music found here as well as use this as a tool to publish music and processes of your own. In this way, we all can share ideas that have been successful for our particular congregation and can help other musicians who are facing similar challenges within their congregations.

This site is not limited to publishing music, per se, but it is able to distribute successful ideas that you have developed, and if so, write those ideas and processes you have found successful, and publish them here. Maybe make a few bucks in the process. ☺

We ask that you hold a membership to the site so Little Church Press may know who is accessing our music and limit the number of trolls on the blog.  No personal information is sold but we may send an email every once in a great while.

You have an opportunity to

  • → find new music that other church musicians have written
  • → find music that has been successful in their particular service
  • → an opportunity to publish your own music and ideas
  • → an opportunity to make a few bucks for writing the music you love.

We look forward to hearing from you via info on the About Section or Contact Page!