Who ‘we’ are…

‘We’ are me at this point.  I am starting this publishing site in hopes that it can satisfy a need for the church musician.  As this site grows, the ‘me’ will grow to ‘us.’  I ask that you send a short biography along with a picture and it will go on our composer page as well as on the back cover of the printed music.  Since ‘we’ don’t have more than ‘me,’ I will start the composer bio page here.  Come along and give us something that would benefit other church musicians.

Feel free to send suggestions as well.

♬ Ric Price

Ric Price Studied Organ at University of Missouri at Kansas City with Dr. John Ditto. He taught in Kansas City area public schools for 10 years before changing his profession to Information Technology and was certified as a Data Security Auditor. He retired from IBM in 2014 and has returned to music. He has supplied a promotional picture taken in younger days when he still had hair! 

♬ Your Name

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