Two Introductions to the Doxology

Two Intros to the Doxology

for Organ

by Ric Price

These were requested after a Methodist service I played by an organist on vacation. Details are in the "About" section

About Two Introductions to the Doxology

Many Organist like to spice things up by improvising introductions to hymns. We always sing the Doxology (Old 100th) as we bring the offering to the altar. As some organists do, I improvised a short introduction which was to not only introduce the hymn, but get the congregation to rise and sing (just as if they were awake!!)

After a service, an organist visiting the church asked me where she could find the little ditty I played as an introduction as she wanted to do the same thing but didn’t improvise. There are a lot of resources for introductions to hymns and I directed her there.For the Doxology, I like the dominant resolving to the root using a pedal point. So I wrote a couple of these that I have done and sent them to her. She thanked me a lot and I was pleased to help her in what she wanted.

These are the things I’m asking you to do.. You don’t have to be Bach, Mozart or Durefle. But we all do things that are successful in the service. Write them down and get them to Little Church. You may make a couple of dollars as well as help organists who are facing challenges.

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