Publishing on Little Church Press


This site was created especially for all of you church musicians who have written things for your worship service, went over well or ‘fit the bill.’ For every one of you , there is a church musician struggling with the same issue you face, but does not have the skill or inclination to write a small piece for the service. These are people who would love to have a resource which allows them to purchase an inexpensive piece of music that you wrote to solve the problem.

Or maybe you have some pieces that you wrote and think are pretty good, but was not accepted by a publisher because it didn’t ‘fit their needs at this time.’ You don’t have to be a Bach or Mozart to write a piece of church music and even if you could, the average organist or pianist wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Most churches are small and their musical needs vary from one Sunday to the next. We would like this site to be a resource for them.

And for the big boys, put that music out there for people to see and buy. You could very well have the answer for the small church musician, the large church musician and — maybe make a dollar on what you have written.

How it works:

The first step is for you to create a PDF of your music in an 8½ x 11″ notated format (see Notation Tools in the menu.)

You will send us the PDF of your music and we will create a cover page and a back page to your work. We will set up a web page within our site for each piece you send. As a customer buys your piece, it will be made available after payment via digital download. Your music will also be offered (for a higher price) as physical sheet music. The selection is made at time of purchase and an exchange of money will be made through PayPal.


Little Church will send a monthly statement with your funds for that month. Notice that you haven’t had to put out any up front money? Thaaat’s right- we do need to keep the website going, and the lights on. We ask that we would take 10% of the profit from each sale.

In the case of the digital download, usually the profit is figured as the whole amount tendered. If a person buys a product by digital download for 7.00, Paypal will charge 30¢ for the transaction so the profit would be $6.70. Little Church Press would take 10% (or $.67), and the rest ($6.03) would go to you.

On the other hand, if sheet music was ordered, Little Church Press would take printing and shipping costs out of the amount tendered. For instance if you priced the sheet music at $10.00, the shipping and printing costs were $4.00, Paypal = 30¢ then the profit would be $5.70 and LCP would charge 57¢ and your take would be $5.13. You can see that we must make sure the sheet music selection is priced noticeably higher than the digital download to take the printing & shipping costs into account.

Who sets the price of the music? We will work this detail together, but you will have the veto power. No matter the price, the calculation process is the same.

Why are you using a letter size format?

Most people will be using their home printer to print out the music so the small format will be easier for the customer. Keep in mind that the music may be printed horizontally as well.

What else do we need to do
to get our music published?

We are asking that you send a short bio and a picture. Also a blurb on the piece of music you wrote.. whats the source (such as a hymn), is it original tunes, who wrote the words and a little bit on the lyricist, anything that would help to set the music as an important part of the worship service.

We will be putting your picture and bio online with our composer page and will use both the blurb and bio on the back cover of the music. These are to help establish you as a composer and also works as a resource for a church musician to enhance the importance of the music within the service.


Please make sure your pieces are original works and if based on a tune, make sure the tune is in the public domain or you have permission to use it. That being said, by publishing through Little Church Music, the music’s ownership will stay with you. Little Church Press will remove it when you wish. Please have your music copyrighted as soon as you finish writing it. You can make it copyrighted immediately by placing the symbol (©) followed by the year and your name. You will be able to officially copyright with the copyright office with a few dollars in cash. Click here or here for instructions on how to do this.

As soon as your music is in a firm format (you have checked it at least 30 times … ☺), print or save it as a PDF file, write your blurb and bio with an electronic picture of you and we will call you when we receive the work. Please email the pdfs, jpgs, etc to

When a customer orders music from Little Church Press, a copyright instruction is presented above the order buttons:

Does the music have to be religious?

No. Keep in mind that there are many churches in the US who sponsor a school. That school may be involved in music lessons as extra-curricular activities, or have needs other than worship service related. We are asking that the music is intended for educational or religious purposes.

When submitting music to Little Church Press, do we become employees of Little Church Press?

No. You are contracting Little Church Press to host and sell your music online. You are not employees of Little Church Press. You will receive the appropriate paperwork (1099 misc) at the end of the year as IRS rules dictate.

Are there any other requirements the music must meet?

We will not publish music which is contrary to what we believe our mission is. Legal Moral and Ethical!!